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What is Diaronex®

Trust the power of nature with this unique herbal product made
from the stem bark extract of the herb Holarrhena. Diaronex®
is a natural, effective and time-trusted product to help relieve
your diarrhea.

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Common causes of diarrhea


Infection while

Traveller's diarrhea is typically caused by eating food or water contaminated with bacteria, a virus or a parasite in high-risk destinations.


Food habits and
sensitive gut

Certain eating habits and food intolerances can play a part in affecting your digestive health and triggering diarrhea.


Stress and anxiety

Emotional distress and anxiety can affect the functioning of your gut and lead to diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Provides natural diarrhea relief when you need it the most, wherever you are.

4 Reasons
To Choose Diaronex®


a natural source:

The medicinal ingredient in Diaronex® tablets is 100% natural and herbal.



The herb Holarrhena has been prescribed by traditional herbal medicine (Ayurveda) physicians and used by individuals for centuries to effectively treat diarrhea.


Made in CANADA:

Holarrhena extract analysis and testing and manufacturing of Diaronex® is conducted at an FDA-approved, GMP-compliant and Health Canada-compliant manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada.


Peace of MIND:

Allows you to overcome diarrhea so you can get back to your day.


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  • "Diaronex® is a must-have travel companion when I travel to foreign countries. I can finish my trip feeling great without the worry of a diarrhea episode and abdominal cramping from contaminated food or water taking over my itinerary. Highly recommended!" — K. Carlson

  • "Diaronex® worked with my body, not against it, to relieve my diarrhea symptoms. This effective medicine, combined with the natural ingredients, gave me more than either could have alone." — L. Stewart

  • "I turned to Diaronex® to help alleviate my diarrhea symptoms because strong medication can take a toll on me physically and mentally. Knowing that its ingredient is 100% natural put my stomach and my mind at ease." — L. MacKenzie

  • "Having diarrhea symptoms severely affects my family and everyday routine. I lead a busy life in spite of my symptoms and I don't have time to be sick. Diaronex® is an effective product that helps me live my life with confidence." — B. Devereaux

  • "My IBS can take over my body, leave me feeling sorry for myself and out of control. Most times, I ignore my symptoms and get on with my usual routine. Carrying on while I am sick is critical. Taking Diaronex® allowed me to get back to the things that needed my attention, at home and in the office." — N. Wiseman

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