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What is Diaronex®?

Diaronex® is a traditional natural and herbal remedy to help
relieve diarrhea so you can get back to your day. The medicinal
ingredient of Diaronex® is derived from the bark extract of a
tree herb called Holarrhena, that grows predominately in
the Himalayas.

Diaronex® is dairy free, gluten free and allergen free.

How does Diaronex® work?

The bark of the herb Holarrhena contains alkaloids and tannins which act on the gut to form a protective layer and reduce secretions, helping relieve your diarrhea.1 In addition to this effect, certain alkaloids present in Holarrhena have shown to inhibit the production of certain diarrhea-causing microbes, therefore providing relief against various types of diarrhea. 2,3

Clinical studies since 1985 and the recognition of Holarrhena by the World Health Organization in 2010 to treat various types diarrhea have established its efficacy.3 Scientific studies have also established Holarrhena’s antiprotozoal, anti-Giardia and antiamoebic activities. 3

1. Daswani PG, Birdi TJ, Antarkar DS, Antia NH. Investigation of antidiarrhoeal activity of Holarrhena antidysentrica. Int J Pharm Res. 2012:164–7, Indian Journal of Pharmacology 2001; 33: 392-393
2. M. BALLAL, D. SRUJAN, *K.K. BHAT, **A. SHIRWAIKAR, P.G. SHIVANANDA Department of Microbiology, Kasturibai Medical college, Manipa
3. WHO Report on traditional remedies in primary care:

How to take

Adult dosage

You can take Diaronex® up to three times a day, if needed. To take
Diaronex®, ingest two tablets with warm water and drink it before meals.
Always refer to the label before taking Diaronex®.

Where to buy Diaronex®

You can buy Diaronex® online. It will be available soon over-the-counter at select Canadian retail stores and pharmacies.

Proudly made in Canada

Diaronex® is a product by Innomane Inc., a Canadian pharmaceutical company specializing in innovative wellness products. At Innomane Inc., we trust the innovative, time-trusted herbal formulation of Diaronex® to treat gastrointestinal disorders, particularly diarrhea and dysentery.

Diaronex® is manufactured in Toronto, Canada at a leading natural health product manufacturing facility that adheres to the standards of the FDA, Health Canada, and other regulatory bodies internationally. Diaronex® ingredients undergo extensive testing for purity & toxicity both internationally and then at a licensed Canadian laboratory.

Recognized by World Health Organization

According to a World Health Organization report released in 2010, the bark of Holarrhena is the traditional remedy of choice for various types of diarrhea. Holarrhena holds anti-diarrheal, anti-dysenteric, anthelmintic, carminative and digestive properties.

WHO also states that there is importance in identifying available natural remedies, along with documented traditional medicinal knowledge and indigenous herbal preparation, so that it may prove as an alternative to currently used anti-diarrheal drugs, which are not always free from side effects.

WHO report - Traditional Herbal Remedies in Primary Health Care, Page 32:

For more information on Diaronex®’s mode of action and clinical details on the medical uses of Holarrhena, please visit the Scientific Information page.

A natural alternative to help you feel your best, from the inside out.



Diaronex® is an effective way to manage your diarrhea instead of letting your diarrhea manage you.

Diaronex® orders are shipped from our Canadian warehouse for fast delivery. It will be available soon over-the-counter at select retail stores and pharmacies.


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