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The strength of Holarrhena, the medicinal ingredient in Diaronex®, and its
credibility rests with the centuries of traditional use, strength of its research,
scientific commentary and insights with respect to diarrhea treatment.

This experience helps support Innomane’s mandate to disseminate objective scientific,
medical and regulatory information to the public about the medicinal benefits of Diaronex®. To
access information about Holarrhena and its benefits, the following resources have been provided.

Approved by Health Canada

Diaronex® is licensed by Health Canada as a traditional
remedy to help relieve diarrhea.

Recognized by World Health Organization (WHO)

According to a World Health Organization report published in 2010, the bark of Holarrhena (also known as Kutaja) is the traditional remedy of choice for various types of diarrhea. Holarrhena holds anti-diarrheal, anti-dysenteric, anthelmintic, carminative, and digestive properties.

The report states herbal medicine is important as it constitutes the main component of traditional medicine, which has been used for thousands of years. Herbal medicine has made significant contributions to human health through health promotive, curative and rehabilitative properties, as well as to the prevention of illnesses. Many herbal remedies used traditionally have become modern medicines through drug development.

Reference: WHO Report on Traditional Herbal Remedies for Primary Care, Page 32:

Canadian Pharmacist Recommendation

  • Current over-the-counter remedies only reduce gut motility and reduce secretions and they also contain chemicals. Diaronex can be taken immediately as diarrhea symptoms occur. Studies have shown that the alkaloids in the Holarrhena bark form a protective layer in the gut and also act broadly on the diarrhea-causing organisms as it relieves symptoms. As a pharmacist, I highly recommend this product to patients.

    H. Tailor, Pharmacist, Toronto, Ontario
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